Cloud Companion® Managed Services Plus gives you the freedom to focus on projects that differentiate your business instead of maintaining a data center. Our premier solution gives you end-to-end services while releasing you from the burden of IT.

  • Provides the Cloud – the Companion Data Services (CDS) cloud is platform and software agnostic.
  • Manages Compliance and Performance – full-service management and maintenance processes.
  • Provides Design and Manages the Infrastructure – a design tool that allows us to create and modify your solution in a customer-friendly environment. Ongoing management in the areas of security, capacity, performance, availability and configuration are standard.
  • Implements Your Applications – providing application compliance ownership, beyond just the hypervisor.

You maintain control through:

  • Your user-defined dashboard.
  • Service level agreements designed to ease uncertainty.
  • Fully scalable and interactive reporting and trending tools.
  • Extraordinary customer service – your own client advocate ready to assist you whenever you wish.

CDS employs a highly integrated and scalable set of administrative and operational processes that help us successfully meet the challenges of today’s IT environment by developing and implementing complex solutions into normal standardized operations.