Cloud Companion® Managed Services, our broker model, is designed to act as an intermediary between the purchaser of a cloud computing service and the sellers of that service.

Companion Data Services (CDS) will assist you with decision making by helping you evaluate and select a cloud service provider based on specific requirements. We consult, mediate and facilitate the selection of cloud computing solutions on your behalf.

  • CDS can design your implementation solution regardless of the cloud service provider you have chosen.
  • We will guide you into the cloud with infrastructure and application management.

Our goal is to make the cloud service more specific to your company; to integrate or aggregate services; or, to enhance their security — all of which add a significant layer of value.

For many organizations, the role of the IT department may even shift as you begin to use cloud services. We will help your organization through the transition, allowing a natural evolution for IT's role in the cloud organization.